PMSI supports Foresight Group’s exit of ABL Health

Bolton-based private healthcare service provider ABL Health has been sold to Bay Tree Private Equity.

ABL Health is commissioned by local authorities and the NHS to deliver healthcare services such as weight management programmes, smoking cessation clinics, alcohol reduction advice, emotional wellbeing support, mental health services for children and young people, and preparing for cancer treatment.

The deal represents an exit for investor Foresight which first invested in ABL in 2018 with a strategy of growing regional coverage and a range of services. During Foresight’s investment, sales and EBITDA increased by c.150%.

PMSI provided vendor CDD to support the transaction, providing an overview of ABL’s key services and addressable markets within England, including the impact of new funding initiatives, whilst also delivering a detailed market overview of public health programmes and ABL’s breadth of services offered for children and young people, focusing on mental health.

Foresight exits Bolton-based ABL Health