CDD for Apposite Capital’s acquisition of CrestOptics

Apposite Capital has acquired a majority share holding in CrestOptics, a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced systems for fluorescence microscopy. Apposite Capital will work with the CrestOptics management team to support further market penetration globally and launch new products.

CrestOptics was established in 2010 by a team of highly experienced engineers and designers to build and commercialise a new confocal microscope system based on the spinning disk principle and proprietary IP. Over the past decade the company has continued to advance its industry leading confocal spinning disk systems, selling to research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide through distributors and OEM partners. CrestOptics’ X-Light V3 confocal spinning disk system can be integrated within high end imaging and screening systems and is the fastest system on the market combined with the largest field of view, whilst also offered at a competitive price point. This offers significant advantages to customers who depend on this technology for advanced biological and medical research, such as in the fields of cancer and neuroscience. In October 2021 CrestOptics also launched its latest product, DeepSIM, a super resolution module designed to enhance and expand the imaging capabilities of confocal microscope systems and further empower researchers to answer complex biological questions.

PMSI provided CDD on the deal, including addressable market analysis, competitor benchmarking and customer referencing, as well as deeper analysis of the effects of continued technological development within imaging, and COVID’s impacts on scientific research and customer behaviour.

Lauren Edison, Investment Manager, Apposite Capital, added: “Gareth and the PMSI team consistently provide highly valuable insights and analysis that are critical in evaluating potential investments. We have chosen to work with PMSI on multiple projects because of the quality of work produced, the specialist expertise of the team in the healthcare and life science sector, a flexible approach to scoping and efficient project management.”